A list of things to bring       A list of things to bring

- Tennis and Badminton - Racquet - Running shoes, T-shirt & Shorts - Bathing suit & Towel - Sunscreen - Hat & Bottle of water - CLICK THROUGH FOR ENTIRE LIST

What's for Lunch       What's for Lunch

Boulevard Lunch Program is OPTIONAL to all campers. This program provides a nutritional meal including a hot lunch, salad and a drink...

Early bird & Late pickup       Early bird & Late pickup

We are also pleased to offer both an early bird and late pick-up option for a nominal fee. Children can be dropped off at Camp Boulevard as early as 8:00 am, and picked up as late as 5:30 pm.

Entering & Exiting the club       Entering & Exiting the club

We realize that drop-off and pick-up can be very busy at the Club. In order to alleviate some of this congestion...


New programs coming up for Camp 2015

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PeeWee Badminton
Creative Arts
Science Camp

Basketball Camp
Leadership in Training
420 CanSail 5&6

For more information contact the Camp Office at
416-532-3341 ext 134 or visit our offices at
1491 Lake Shore Boulevard West.